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by Tisha

1/25/20244 min read

a woman smiling after Being Human from Machine
a woman smiling after Being Human from Machine

Today most of us function like machines and not as humans , Today I see the world is filled with machines who looks like humans , the world today has been advanced in almost everything so does the people living in it has been, but the more advanced and technologically sound we humans have become the more we are losing ourselves, we are losing compassion, we are losing humanity. The more machines we are producing, the more machine like we are becoming, sometimes humans do confuse themselves as machines and keep on repeating the same routine , working day and night forgetting about the balance that comes with following the day and night routine set by the nature , just as machines we perform our duties ,do our jobs and do not bother about anything else why? because that’s not our job, that’s not what machines do so we also shouldn’t.

What’s the point in being something that you originally aren’t, we are capable of building machines that doesn’t mean that we should transform ourselves into something we build for our assistance.

No matter how many machines we make, how technologically sound and advanced we as society become, if we lack compassion , co-existence will never be peaceful. Have you ever thought ,what is the value of the prestigious degree you hold if you don’t even have the ability to laugh and cry with others. You don’t have to be a perfect example or a flag bearer of peace and compassion, the only thing you have to be is kind enough, human enough to understand and even if you can’t understand it you can just respect the other persons emotions with sincerity.

We have become so focused on transforming ourselves into machines that we have stopped ourselves from expressing our true self, we consider vulnerability as our greatest weakness and tend to forget that it is our biggest strength too, I know that life is hard, it do gets tough sometimes, we lose our strength, we lose our hope but we will get it back someday, we can always rise again, we can shine again but that is only possible when we are alive, our lack of understanding our emotions and lack of expressing our true feelings is like a poison that we are feeding ourselves which will later on kill us transforming it into depression and in most of the cases results into self harm so it is very important for us to be aware of our emotions and express ourselves truly and fully, when we want to cry we should forget about gender roles, forget about the people who think crying is a form of weakness , just think about how we truly feel and cry our heart out, when we want to laugh loudly, we should not think about how we are going to look or what will people think if we laugh like that, we should just think about ourself and laugh as loudly as we feel like laughing because the only mantra to a peaceful heart it not to store any cut off percentage of emotions inside it but to keep it clean by truly and fully expressing ourselves.

Key Takeaway Points:

1. Humanity in the Technological Era: In the age of technology breakthroughs, humans tend to adopt machine-like behaviours, resulting in a lack of compassion and a connection with our genuine human nature.

2. Impact of Machine like Routine: The repetitive nature of machine-like routines, which work without respect for natural balance, is harmful to our well-being and may lead to a loss of self-awareness.

3. Caution Against Transformation: We should be careful of changing ourselves into machines, despite our ability to build them. We must focus on retaining our human essence and not losing sight of our true nature.

4. Compassion for Co-Existence: The message here promotes that no matter how highly evolved society develops, real coexistence necessitates empathy. Personal ties and emotional understanding should be valued more highly than material successes.

5. Vulnerability as Strength: Acknowledging vulnerability as a strength should be promoted. we should embrace our true selves, express our emotions genuinely, and reject societal notions that perceive vulnerability as a weakness.

6. Awareness of Emotions: We should highlight the significance of being aware of one's emotions and expressing them fully. Failure to understand and express emotions is compared to ingesting a harmful poison that can lead to depression and self-harm.

Action Notes:

1. Reconnect with Humanity: Actively try to reconnect with one's humanity in an atmosphere of technological influences, emphasizing compassion and true human connections.

2. Balance Work and Nature: Be mindful of the importance of balance in daily routines, acknowledging the natural rhythm of day and night to maintain overall well-being.

3. Preserve Originality: Resist the urge to turn into machine-like beings. Preserve the essence of being human and avoid adopting behaviors that contradict our true character.

4. Prioritise Compassion: Place importance on compassion and understanding in interactions with others, valuing emotional connection over material success.

5. Embrace Vulnerability: Recognize vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness. Embrace one's true self, expressing emotions authentically and rejecting societal judgments.


1. Avoid Overworking: Be cautious about adopting a workaholic mindset, recognising the negative impact on mental and emotional well-being.

2. Guard Against Stereotypes: Challenge societal stereotypes, particularly those regarding gender roles and expressions of emotions, to foster a more inclusive and empathetic society.

3. Seek Emotional Support: Encourage seeking emotional support when needed and promoting a culture that values open communication about mental health.

4. Cultivate Self awareness: Foster self awareness to recognize signs of emotional distress and take proactive steps to address them.

5. Promote Emotional Expression: Advocate for a culture that encourages the genuine expression of emotions, providing a supportive environment for individuals to express themselves freely.

Conclusion: Authentic Expression for a Peaceful Heart

Life's hardships are unavoidable, but the key to overcome them is recovering our humanity. Breaking free from machine like habits, accepting vulnerabilities, and expressing oneself honestly are all crucial. Only then will we be able to establish true connections and create a world that values compassion.

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